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Tun Muhammad Ghazali bin Shafie was born in Kuala Lipis, Pahang on March 22, 1922. He started school in Kuala Lipis Malay School in 1929, before he moved to Bentong Malay School in 1930 and Penjom Malay School in 1931. He was then moved to the English School Raub and stayed at the hostel at his seventh grade.

During the outbreak of Second World War, he was studying at Raffles College, Singapore. He was actively volunteering himself in organizations that fight against the Japanese such as Malayan Volunteer Force in 1941 as a private No. 17317, Resistance Movement (136 Force of Resistance Movement) and the Territorial Army.

After the Second World War ended, Tun Muhammad Ghazali entered government service as a Malay Junior Officer and was assigned as Assistant District Officer of Kuala Lipis District. In 1948 to 1951, he continued his studies in Law at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Upon his return, he was assigned as the Assistant State Secretary of Selangor before being transferred to Negeri Sembilan as Acting Secretary of Government. Between 1955 and 1957, he was assigned to many foreign countries including the Office of the Commissioner in London, the Office of Permanent Representatives of the United Nations as well as the commissioner of the Federation of Malaya in India.


Upon returning serving overseas, he was stationed at the Foreign Ministry as Deputy Secretary and then as Acting Secretary General based on his vast experience in foreign affairs. In 1960 he was appointed as Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs, also known as Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1962, he joined the Cobbold Commission which is responsible for the formation of Malaysia.

Tun Muhammad Ghazali retired from government service in 1970. He was appointed as a Senator and was given a Cabinet post as Minister with Special Functions. In 1972 he won the election of Parliament for Lipis. He then continued to serve as Minister with Special Functions and Minister of Information. In the 1974 elections, he won unopposed, and then switched to the Minister of Home Affairs portfolio until 1981 when he was appointed as Foreign Minister until his retirement in 1984.

This stateman who served in national leadership arena under four main leader starting from Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra up to the era of Tun Mahathir Mohamad passed away on January 24, 2010 and was buried at the Heroes' Mausoleum, Masjid Negara. It was his contributions to the nation that this graduate school is named after him.

The original script is provided by: Documentation Section, National Archives / 2011 and was partly translated and adapted by: Ghazali Shafie Graduate School of Government (GSGSG), February 2016.


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